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Rhinoceros: rhino airlift (pictured) | Bears: interrupted safety lecture, electrocuted hunter, punched by pet-owner, woman eaten while on phone, vs. wolves, cows battle bear, bear and bicyclist collide, bear vs. vehicle, killer grizzly allowed to live | Runaway animals: ferret, baboon, another baboon, Czech kangaroo steals undies, rogue kangaroo attacks woman, mountain lion killed on porch, drunken moose, albino ostrich on the loose, zoo wolf loose, herd of cows, wayward wallaby, chimp on the loose, how did a kiwi get to Russia? | Elusive animals: rainbow toad, transparent frog, snow leopard, unshorn sheep, horse caught on speed camera, pony in pub, shark jumps aboard ship, gibbons in Vietnam, "living fossil" mouse, skink saved from extinction, new shark, giant squid, military studies squid camouflage, blind snake rediscovered, rare toads, tree rat reappears | Service animals: kangaroo, rat, unlicensed monkey | Robo-animals: orthodontist fixes turtle, tortoise, wheeled tortoise, elephant, dog's wheelchair stolen, 3-legged dog | Hero animals: dog submerges to survive fire, chihuahua thwarts robbery, Greyfriar's Bobby a scam?, snails survive digestion by birds, hurt dog locates owner after storm, dog and owner survive 200' drop, world's oldest captive orangutan relinquishes record, longest living 2-faced cat | Animal births: aardvark, tortoise hook-up, double-snouted pig, 2-headed calf, albino kiwi, 3 albino raccoons | Spiders: silk-spinning tarantulas, why we fear them, poison pizza, giant web, silk textile travels, supermarket shutdown | Alligator: in the house | Octopus: crawls on dry land | Snakes: in dress shop, charmed, python swallows deer, teenager saves snakebite victim, sanctuary owner killed by one of his snakes, snake-infested house | Tasmanian tiger: more like cat or dog?, strength of jaws, zoo or church? | Elephants: in a pool, on the loose in Germany (photo here) | Birds: cadaver vultures?, eagle dropped dear | Foxes: hydrotherapy | Zebras: zebra thinks it's a horse | Aesop: rude chimp


Old eats: bog butter, Washington's whiskey | Disasters: Alaskan volcano, volcano from orbit, meandering Mississippi, tree ring analysis | Accidents: drunk drives through occupied house, SUV crashes through attic, driver crashes into DMV, hit and run (with body), Titanic II sinks on maiden voyage | Mummies: ancient parasite, in Vietnam museum, collecting Social Security, kept Grandma's corpse, father of cryonics movement dies | Archaeology: Utah fires state archaeologists, Blackbeard's ship and anchor, Roman-era shipwreck, decode ancient papyri, clay head effigy, pyramids by satellite | Venus: cache of 1,000s | Skeletons: photos from Empire of Death, bones of witch, slave graveyard, death goes unnoticed for 8 years, repatriated Inuit remains, human heads | Fossils: giant prehistoric birds, "Frankenstein" insects, colorful beetles, sea turtle, man's best friend - fossilized, "Eve" mammal, giant prehistoric wombat | Genealogy: ancestor found on wall of Cracker Barrel | Exhumation: Shakespeare? | Cave art: in Britain, underground passages in Bavaria, rock art at risk, aurochs, Pakistani petroglyphs (pictured) | Teeth: Viking markings | Library books: 200-year-old book returned


Progeria: Leon Botha has died (pictured) | Conjoined twins: adults in New Jersey | separated, another separation, 2-headed baby born in China | Polydactyly: 34 digits, Cuban man with 6-fingered hands | Androgyny: Andrej Pejic | Transplant: Charla Nash now | Amputation: police attach ankle monitor to removable limb, hovercraft decapitation, Great Dane bites off nose, regrowth of leg, headless body, beheading, prosthetic demo, severed finger identifies attacker | Impalement: pruning shears | Surgery: exploding eyeball, steering with tongue | Smuggling: leopards, tarantulas, turtle confiscation, trafficking in walrus tusks | Photography: suicide stopped, leopard attack, tiger v. bear, 1st x-rays auctioned, 1st photo of fish using tools, mountain lion and housecat | Deaths: by cow, by meat grinder, bus driver while on duty, spontaneous human combustion, SHC in Ireland, dead owner eaten by pets | Centenarians: prisoner released at 108, Brazilian dies at 114, another alive at 120?, Englishwoman dies at 109, last WWI veteran dies at 110, 100 in New Hampshire, another in Ohio, a third in Oregon, 115-year-old in Georgia, 100-year-old newlywed | Fads: pointy boots, yarn bombs stolen, yarn bombing Wall Street and Astor Place, humans wear flea collars | Sports: freak golfing accident, posthumous cheer, shark jumps surfer, fisherman's tug-of-war with sea lion | Mt. Everest: 21st summit | climber finds body of friend | Xenoglossia: dental surgery bestows British accent, ancient language dictionary | Adventurous eating: cooking the odd bits, Brooklyn bushmeat, live rat in bread, mutton siezed, elk lips, raccoon meat for sale at car wash smuggling dried turtles | Labor: during driving test, twin from each uterus | Gardens: flowers bloom twice in a season, corpse flower, buried alive | Hobbit houses: homemade | Space: diamond planet discovered | Hoarding: chihuahuas, skunks | Captives: another case in Austria | Roadkill: well-traveled mountain lion, neighborhood cockerel murdered, assaults with frozen animals | Popemobile: going green, Wienermobile: riding to the prom | Music: aeolian harp of sorts


Games: Quigley crossword (no relation) | Mummies: recent contact Maaza Mengiste wrote about Sicily mummies | Mike Rowe: one of my heroes testifies before Senate committee about jobs (transcript here) | Lewis Hine: An anonymous reader pointed out that the photo at the top of this post was not taken by Hine, but by Charles C. Ebbets, and includes his or her great uncle Francis Michael Rafferty (4th from right) and Rafferty's lifelong friend Stretch Donahue (3rd from right). | Illamasqua: Charles Cowling wrote to say, "I was so pleased to see your eyes lit up by the Illamasqua partnership with Levertons – the Royal undertaker," and suggested watching this slideshow of a Harlem funeral home. | Mütter Movie: My friend Deb. pointed out that the Quay Brothers were interviewed on NPR. Designer Laura Lindgren informs me that the 2012 Mütter Calendar is out, and wrote to me after this Quay Brothers post, "If your ears were ringing yesterday afternoon, by the way, it would be because Ken, my husband and publishing partner (when he's not at his day job managing a law firm!), and I were sitting at my computer and reading through your blog and kept on saying how fantastic it is, which is of course to say how fantastic you are. The way you think and write about things and the things that draw your attention is so completely delightful and engaging and smart. Bravo!" | PSA: About the world's greatest public service announcement, marketing coordinator Donna Williams responds, "We understand that our ads are very graphic and may make some viewers uncomfortable, but professional studies show that they are extremely effective in helping at helping motivate people to quit using tobacco and preventing youth from starting to use tobacco. We are glad that you also understand the importance of airing such hard hitting ads. Thank you again and we appreciate your support and recent blog post. Your interest and efforts will help us reach our goal of a Tobacco Free Florida." | Aquaria: Follower L. Lynn Zieber suggested a creative alternative. | Owl imprint: Follower Kimberly K. Walsh shared her photo of a dove imprint (pictured). | Butterfly surgery: Priscilla Moore declares me her favorite blogger and suggests this website that reports on mishaps with glue. | Promession: Follower Michael Smith pointed me to this article about alternative disposal methods. | High altitude: Follower Fiona Richardson sent a link about a WWII pilot found by climbers. | Silly: My friend Sue circulated a poem by Shel Silverstein: "There are kids underneath my bed," / Cried little baby monster Fred. / Momma monster smiled. "Oh, Fred, / There's no such things as kids," she said. Also this candidate for the strangest headline of all time, this video of Capt. Sully landing flight #1549 in the Hudson River, and the news that the rights to the "Frozen Dead Guy Days" festival are for sale. I forgot to mention earlier, with regard to Shakers, that Sue met some of the last surviving members of the Canterbury Shaker Village, and describes: "The last living Eldress was Bertha Lindsay and Ken and I had a chance to meet her one day when we visited the Village. She was blind but looking forward to her lunch of hot dogs and baked beans. I remember her as a tiny lady in traditional Shaker garb. Sister Gertrude Soule was quite reclusive and lived in a private building in the middle of the busy museum grounds. She was not an Elderess, only a lay member of the church. Their cemetery was near the Village and the Shaker tradition was that graves were not marked. That was also true for some Quaker cemeteries." | Little people: When we conferred about the death of another Munchkin, my friend James Taylor asked, "You do know - no? - that Karl once sent me hate mail, making one of the few folks on Planet Earth who ever got hate mail from a Munchkin. Seems that after I got him a gig on Jerry Springer (which treated him very well and paid him some ok money), he blamed me for Springer's people titling the segment 'I Worked as a Sideshow Freak,' and, of course, Karl never did that: He worked in a midget village. On carnivals and world's fairs. Nah, no sideshow there. I should probably frame that letter." | Home sweet silo: My former boss Jim Schaefer sent along this link. And when I thanked him for sending blogworthy information on Spoonerisms, he responded, "You should reap me on a container!" | Blossom: I received a positive response from Dr. Siegel when I contacted him about using his photos: "Dear Chris - Awesome! Thanks for the posting and attribution. I love it....Keep up the good work and best of luck in the future. Poxicologically yours, Robert." | E. Sherman Hayman: The artist writes, "Wow Chris, that was incredible! Thank you so much, you made my day!....Your blog and topics really grabbed me....I wish I had known about it a couple of years ago when I was still working on that series." | Cello passenger: Things have only gotten worse says Robert Bersin, who is quoted: "Thanks for the mention! That article was written for Strings Magazine in 1990. The hassles of flying are much worse now. I drive. That, of course, rules out trips to Europe or the Far East." | Eating rocks: The dog's owner commented, "I can't tell you how or why he did it. He's never eaten rocks before. It was very scary. But he recovered and didn't need surgery. I can't believe how Harley's story has spread all over the internet." | Many of the links follower Chase has sent me have become or will become blog posts. Others were in response to these... Fabergé: royal boxes, Arcimboldo: cabbage girls, Big bugs: little bugs, Rediscovered kitchen: time capsule. | Lastly, a thank you to everyone who regularly reads and comments on Quigley's Cabinet, including my sister Melissa, Deborah McCann, and Kim Hu!

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