Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rhinos by Bombardieri

I have a pet peeve about unattributed artworks. So when I received an e-mail from a friend directing me to a list of interesting outdoor sculptures, I took it as a personal mission to find out who created the one that struck my fancy - and my persistence was rewarded! Not only did Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri create the hanging rhinoceros, he has installed several more, and it turns out that rhinos are a theme in his work. He explains, "The rhinoceros is evocative of far-away lands, and it attracts me because it's so close in physical appearance to many animals that are already extinct. It seems placid and a bit melancholy, but it has an intrinsic Surrealism: paradoxically, despite its size, it's incredibly agile."

Bombardieri's award-winning "Hanging Rhinoceros" has been suspended in Potsdam, Germany, on the Luisenplatz (2nd and 3rd images) since 2001. In October 2007, his sculpture "Big Baggage" (1st image) was included in a gallery show in Ferrara, Italy. "It has quite a disorienting effect on unsuspecting passers-by," said the gallery owner. In April 2009, he had a temporary installation at the Rotonda Foschini in Ferrara called "A Rhinoceros Around the Corner" (4th image). Others of his resin sculptures are in private collections (6th image) and in public installations, both indoor (5th image) and outdoor.

Art critic Alessandro Riva describes Bombardieri as "the puppet master of an extremely strange and breathtaking adventure playground where only he knows the rules."

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  1. These are wonderful. They remind me of Ionesco's play. My favorite is "Big Baggage"; I would love to see one of these in real life!


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