Wednesday, April 7, 2010


3/29/10 Bibles stopping bullets When I was researching this post, I found a remarkable story of a Ukrainian treasure hunter's find of a French bullet and a Russian bullet colliding in flight during a 19th c. battle.

3/26/10 Tarim mummies travel An article in the New York Times about these mummies excavated in the desert of China.

3/20/10 Capture myopathy Bats that were sheltered over the winter have been released back into the wild in Omaha.

3/2/10 Evelyn McHale A young man is the latest of about 30 people to kill themselves by jumping from the Empire State Building.

2/9/10 Green burial
Here and here are 2 more companies selling wicker caskets.

1/28/10 Fractals A fascinating video called "Nature by Numbers."

1/27/10 Machu Picchu This tourist destination has now reopened to the public.

1/3/10 Supper clubs and speakeasies A family in Shropshire, U.K., has discovered a hidden chapel under their home.

12/23/09 Child heroes
Two California kids, ages 9 and 11, delivered their baby brother when their Mom went into labor in March.

12/19/09 Nero's dining room A ceiling in Nero's Golden Palace has collapsed during excavation. A snack bar used in Pompeii reopens after 1,921 years.

12/15/09 Octopus achievement
Octopuses prefer high-definition over regular TV. A 9-legged octopus is found in Florida - by a chef.

12/4/09 CSI effect Another article about the effect of television police dramas on jurors.

11/23/09 Aquaria A 2-million-gallon tank containing sharks and thousands of other creatures sprang a leak in a Dubai shopping mall.

11/16/09 Follow-ups I used a photo of a man with half a body to illustrate this post; here is another.

11/13/09 Circus animals on the lam A herd of wild horses escaped from a ranch in California and galloped through the suburbs of Chula Vista (be sure to watch video).

11/12/09 Placentas and more An article about ingesting the placenta.

10/30/09 Tree mummies A slideshow of the world's oldest trees.

8/19/09 The narwhal
Photos of narwhals jousting.

8/7/09 Eunuchs A Briton living in Australia has been officially recognized as the world's 1st person "of no specific gender."

7/21/09 Steampunk
design Steampunk and taxidermy meet in the art of Lisa Black.

6/26/09 Multi-purpose cemeteries Massachusetts officials are frowning on the tapping of cemetery maple trees to make maple syrup.

6/18/09 Birthing and hoarding bunnies An Australian woman was living in her car with 11 dogs and 23 long-haired cats.

6/4/09 Elusive animals A species of lizard 6' long had been eluding scientists in the Philippines. Scientists were surprised to find shrimp and jellyfish active beneath a massive Antarctic ice sheet. The fossilized remains of a new species of raptor have been discovered in the Gobi Desert by 2 Ph.D. students. Another fossil found in Mongolia has evidence of a raptor eating another dinosaur. The impressions of a shark's teeth have been found in the fossilized poop of a crocodile, which was apparently still inside the animal when it was bitten.

5/9/09 Scrabble creator
A new edition of the game will allow the use of proper nouns.

5/1/09 Rossetti's menagerie In wombat news, a friendly orphan (pictured) has been rescued and a not-so-friendly wild one mauled a man near Melbourne.

3/26/09 Centenarians - and then some Neva Morris, the oldest woman in the U.S. and 2nd oldest woman in the world, has died at 114 in Ames, Iowa.

3/14/09 Seahorses and sea dragons A video of a seahorse giving birth.

3/10/09 Shakespearean insults A 300-year-old play previously dismissed as a forgery has been credited to William Shakespeare.

2/26/09 Underwater creatures A video of the humpback parrotfish, that eats rock and poops sand!

2/24/09 Preserved in amber
A rare Ethiopian amber deposit adds new fungus, insects, spiders, nematodes, and even bacteria to the Cretaceous ecosystem.

2/4/09 Embalmers and anthropologists A lovely little illustrated monograph about the embalming of Rosalia Lombardo has been published (in Italian) by my friend Dario Piombino-Mascali, who would like to publish an English edition.

1/28/09 Morbid motorcycles
The body of a man who loved driving earth-moving equipment has been driven to the grave in a tractor.

11/10/08 Oldest zoo in the world A Rhode Island zookeeper was treated for injuries after she was head-butted by a giraffe. This article notes that veterinarians are 4 times more likely than average to commit suicide. A zebra in a Zurich zoo cleans the teeth of the hippopotamus. A Chinese zoo has been criticized for allowing a 3-year-old to walk a tightrope above the tiger enclosure.

11/7/08 Lying in state A gunman attempted to vandalize the embalmed corpse of Vladimir Lenin in his mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square.

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