Thursday, April 8, 2010

More follow-ups

3/26/10 Dwarfs on display
Another report about the dwarf-populated theme park in China.

1/20/10 Bees in the weird news Colony collapse worsens with the spread of pesticides and a harsh winter.

12/27/09 Bushmeat Monkeys and gorillas are threatened on a global scale by their use in folk medicines.

11/13/09 Circus animals on the lam A pet wallaby has escaped on a visit to Florida.

10/18/09 Maldives Whether an island in the Bay of Bengal is owned by India or Bangladesh is less of an issue now that the island is underwater.

10/8/09 Theodore Roosevelt, naturalist
Listen to the laugh of a hyena, like the one the Roosevelt children kept at the White House.

10/3/09 Dinosaur eggs A "roadrunner" dinosaur fossil has been found in China. A tiny tyrannosaur fossil has been discovered in Australia. A new fossil species has been identified in Spain. And a 5-million-year-old sloth fossil has been excavated in Peru.

7/27/09 Hottentot Venus Indigenous leaders in Australia have enlisted the help of Prince William to find the skull of an Aboriginal warrior so that it can be repatriated.

7/26/09 Capitol cornerstone A time capsule from 1850 has been found in a Massachusetts cemetery.

7/18/09 Metrology A researcher from the University of Kansas is studying the mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica.

4/24/09 Wandering womb A tumor on an Ohio woman's ovary caused hallucinations and had her believing she was possessed. Doctors in Fayetteville, North Carolina, attempted to induce labor and performed a cesarean section on a woman who was not pregnant.

4/21/09 Five dog stories A mesmerizing dog food commercial filmed in slow-motion.

2/25/09 Airplane crashes A Qantas pilot is cleared to fly, despite having urges to down the planes he has piloted. A U.S. Navy plane from World War II has been discovered in an Oregon forest.

2/3/09 Polydactyly A Chinese boy with 15 fingers and 16 toes has had surgery to remove the extra digits.

1/30/09 Double-muscled dog
A 2-ton bull that rivals the Belgian blues mentioned in this post.

1/16/09 Animal accidents A robo-hawk is being deployed near the airport to cut down on birds striking aircraft. On a not-so-related note, here is an inspired public service announcement to encourage wearing your seat belt.

11/29/08 Conjoined twins Images of the teratology specimens, including conjoined twins (pictured), at Russia's Kunstkammer. The fundraising goal to remodel the home of the world's oldest conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, is falling short of expectations.

11/25/08 Traumatic skull injuries The latest man to walk into the emergency room with a knife embedded in his head. Meanwhile, Russians are being skewered by killer icicles.

11/12/08 Oldest zoo in the world A New Mexico zoo is being investigated for improper disposal of the remains of a euthanized giraffe.

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