Monday, November 16, 2009


Shackleton 10/28/09 A New Zealand team plans to recover some of the whiskey that Shackleton had deposited in the Antarctic.

Three clocks 9/20/09 A pile of old coins which have helped keep Big Ben accurate for the past 150-years has been replaced by a new five pound coin to mark the 2012 Olympics.

"Seven Pounds" 6/14/09 The first photographs ever of a stationary coral eating a jellyfish.

Species named after Stephen Colbert
5/8/09 I have just learned about the art of Swiss scientific illustrator Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, who paints beautiful detailed watercolors of the morphologically disturbed insects she finds in radioactive locations like Chernobyl.

More mammoths 1/6/09 Dogs on a walk in West Yorkshire, U.K., made an unusual find - an alligator skull.

Frozen reindeer 12/27/08 A 7-point buck lost its battle with a 640-lb. elk statue in Wisconsin.

Amputation 10/19/08 A Chinese man has fully recovered after having half his body amputated, which required a 2-year stay in the hospital.

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