Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Oasis and Airbus 11/22/09 Here are more photos of the largest cruise ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas, which carries 18 of the largest lifeboats in the world. In a 1st for the cruise industry, children ages 3 to 11 are required to wear tracking devices aboard the vessel.

Eye news 11/21/09 A British man's vision was restored after 30 years when he was outfitted with a bionic eye last month.

Pishtaco 11/20/09 The Peruvian police have suspended their top organized crime investigator because he misled the public in the case of the "human fat killers" - rather than 60, there may have been just a single victim. A 7,000-year-old archaeological site in southern Germany has revealed controversial signs of cannibalism.

Alligator urban legends 11/14/09 Pictured here is a most impressive wedding cake shaped like an alligator.

Odd animals 11/4/09 Slightly more recognizable than the hairless bear is this featherless parrot.

Shackleton 10/28/09 Cambridge University scholars are tweeting daily diary entries of Antarctic explorer Robert F. Scott.

Maldives 10/18/09 Nepal held a cabinet meeting in the foothills of Mount Everest to bring attention to how global warming is affecting the Himilayas. Micronesia is another country at risk of going under due to global climate change.

Message in a bottle 10/4/09 Bottle wins a contest after travelling from New Jersey to North Carolina in 24 years.

Harps, played and painted 10/1/09 Here is a story about the royal harpist who held the position from 2004 to 2007 and here is a very recent story in the weird news about how she was burglarizing homes and hooked on heroin.

Pig butchering 9/1/09 A truck on a state road in New Zealand spilled its load, leaving 15km of offal 30cm thick in some places.

Victor Noir 8/10/09 In a follow-up to this post, I mentioned that the crypt above Marilyn Monroe's was being auctioned off. The news in late August was that the winning bid of $4.5 million had fallen through.

Jaws in 1916 8/8/09 Researchers at the University of Florida have studied 100s of shark jaws and are now confident they can identify the species of predator by examining the bite patterns on a victim.

Cemetery Scandal 7/16/09 More unidentified bodies have surfaced at Burr Oak Cemetery outside Chicago.

"Seven Pounds"
6/14/09 An Australian diver had to be airlifted to a hospital after he was stung by a deadly jellyfish - despite wearing a protective wetsuit that covered everything but his face and hands. As this video shows, Japan is experiencing swarms of giant jellyfish off its shores.

Vultures 5/4/09 A woman in Laurel, Maryland, refuses to stop feeding the flock of 60 vultures that are roosting in her neighborhood.

Dolly the sheep 5/2/09 To reduce greenhouse emissions, Australian scientists are breeding a sheep that burps less.

Chihuahuas in the weird news
5/2/09 The Canadian owner of a chihuahua fights to have it recognized as a service dog. The latest fashion trend among chihuahuas is the hoodie.

Ouroboros 4/27/09 In imitation of the ouroboros, a snake chokes on its own tail.

Bears in the news 4/24/09 Florida state wildlife officials are warning the public that it is illegal to take possession of a bear carcass, after one citizen removed roadkill from the highway and skinned and butchered it.

Marlin Perkins
4/21/09 The sandhill cranes stopped traffic one recent morning as they did their mating dance right on my street. My friend Cris had a little Marlin Perkins moment of her own when a hawk allowed her to get very close to him and his fresh kill the other morning.

Giants 4/17/09 The tallest man in Britain has landed a role in the play "Jack and the Beanstalk."

James G. Mundie's cabinet
4/17/09 Katherine Dunn - author of Geek Love, a novel featuring conjoined twins and other human marvels - recently used her boxing skills to fend off a purse-snatcher.

Hokey Pokey 3/29/09 The disputed writer of the song, Robert Degen, has died in Pennsylvania at the age of 104.

Kangaroo home invasion 3/15/09 Objections have been raised in Australia about the marketing and sale of a new kangaroo- and emu-flavored chip.

Designer legs
3/15/09 A hydraulic prosthesis allows a man to continue his activities as a cowboy.

Pompeii mosaic 3/8/09 You can walk the streets of Pompeii remotely thanks to Google Maps.

Spider prey 3/7/09 A colony of 150 3" cave spiders that took up residence in a derelict orchid house 10 years ago are being returned to the pothole in the U.K. from whence they originated.

The Mole People 3/4/09 A woman in Derby, U.K., took up residence for 5 months in a tent on a traffic roundabout - complete with a TV/DVD and solar shower. Meanwhile, my friend Val works with the homeless and just told me about their charity's newly published Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers.

Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday 2/12/09 The body of an Austrian billionaire has been stolen from his grave and held for ransom.

Edward C. Johnson 2/8/09 These photographs of an American embalming school in the 1940s were brought to my attention by friend and follower Angie McLachlan.

Timbuktu 1/28/09 A South African filmmaker has completed a documentary about the manuscripts of Timbuktu.

Ancient animals 1/19/09 A 146-year-old tortoise named "Kiki," known for his demonstrative lovemaking, has died in a French zoo.

Elephants eat Christmas trees! 12/29/09 High winds knocked a Christmas tree down on a car in Berlin, Germany.

Rats! 12/20/08 Two stars of a British reality show filmed in Australia have been charged with animal cruelty after serving up a meal of rats to their fellow contestants.

Albinos 11/18/08 A recent report estimates that as many as 10,000 albinos are in hiding in east Africa.

Amputation 10/19/08 British scientists have just unveiled the first bionic fingers.

While They Slept 9/20/08 The book that tells the story of the murder of my friend Jody Arlington's family is now available in paperback.

Health Diary I finally posted a new entry to my health diary. Here is an article about the testing of the MS "blood blockage" theory.

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