Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Odd animals

What we have here (TOP) is a bald bear named Dolores. She and all the female bespectacled bears at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany, are suffering from a mystery condition - possibly a genetic defect - that causes sudden hair loss. The bears, which would normally be growing a thicker coat for the winter, are instead suffering from rashes and inflammation on their skin.
Next up is a crooked-necked giraffe named Gemina. She was born at the Santa Barbara Wild Animal Park in California in 1986 with a straight neck. She developed the bend, which did not cause her any social or physical discomfort, at the age of 3. She was euthanized in 2008 when her quality of life declined and her appetite disappeared due to old age.
Lastly, we have one of two echidnas named Moa and Kain who were just born to different mothers at the zoo in Perth, Australia. Echidnas are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. These "puggles," as they are called, make 13 short-beaked echidnas bred in Australia; long-beaked echidnas have never been bred in captivity and are endangered in the wild.

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