Sunday, October 4, 2009

Message in a bottle

The weird news yesterday was that a note placed in a bottle and tossed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2003 made it to the shore of France last month. "One of these days, someone is going to find one of these bottles," Ann Hernandez would say, as she and her boyfriend would send another one out to sea each year on her birthday. They had carried out the ritual each year since 1991, and finally received a reply from a French couple 3,200 miles away - but too late for Hernandez, who had died last November at age 61. The story is bittersweet, but here are some other successes of this tradition:
Tossing a bottle into the sea in hopes that the note inside will be answered by a distant stranger is a romantic and time-honored idea, but now that I see what many of these stories have in common and being well aware of the "ocean garbage dump," I'm inclined to agree with the author of this letter to the editor.

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