Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Seven Pounds"

Mom and I watched Seven Pounds last night and were both disappointed. (Spoiler ahead, so don't keep reading if you intend to see the film yourself instead of heeding the bad reviews.) My Mom found it farfetched that the character with congenital heart disease could be so active and that she would turn to a virtual stranger for comfort in the hospital, but I identified a flaw that undermines the entire plot. The lead character commits suicide with a deadly box jellyfish, but that would have made his organs ineligible for transplant! IMDB confirms this fact, which I knew from writing a paper on the Visible Humans in grad school. The male body donor, Joseph Paul Jernigan (1954-1993), wanted to donate his organs after death, but was limited to body donation because he was executed by lethal injection.

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