Sunday, October 28, 2012


"A highway truck accident never sounded so delicious." This was the lead-in on June 8th after a semi-trailer hauling Hungry Jack pancake syrup in northern Kentucky swerved to avoid a car with a blown-out tire. The truck overturned at Buttermilk Pike in Mitchellville, spilling the sticky substance across all southbound lanes of I-75 (1st image, map here, video here).

"Truck spills thousands of fish heads on a Seattle highway giving motorists a major haddock," read the Fark tagline on Friday, linking readers to a story about thousands of fish heads that spilled out of an overturned semi, closing the northbound lanes of Route 101 near Ilwaco, Washington, until the mess could be cleaned up (2nd image, story and another photo here).

"Traffic Stalled in Snail Spill: Traffic slowed to a crawl for more than 7 hours," read a headline on Friday about a tractor-trailer in Newport, Maine, that reportedly went airborne and spilled 1/2 its load (40,500lbs) of processed whelks on a stretch of I-95 south, limiting it to one lane.
We try not to spill in the Cabinet:

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