Sunday, February 13, 2011


2/1/11 Alpine ibex Follower Priscilla notes, "We never talk about the ones that end up crashing. That would be natural selection improving the herd. It does happen occasionally." Both my Dad and follower Kent report seeing dead mountain goats at the bottom of cliffs.

1/27/11 Cave pearls Chinese cavern classroom closed down.

1/22/11 The moral of the story is obvious What the train conductor sees (not bloody, but caution). Man filmed himself being run over by a train.

12/27/10 Tortoise cold, tortoise hot "Lonesome George" still looking for love. It was so cold in Minnesota that a squirrel froze in place.

12/23/10 Snowplow flambe This story reminded a reader of this. Woman in Ekaterinburg sets fire to her dead sister trying to reanimate her with electricity. Caskets, corpse, and cremated remains rescued from burning Michigan funeral home.

12/18/10 600 years apart Ohio murderer who stuffed his victims' bodies in a hollow tree was obsessed with leaves and has been sentenced to life in prison.

11/15/10 Scratchings Ancient rock carvings in East Timor. Microbes responsible for colors in Australian rock art.

11/13/10 The naked ape A gorilla in the U.K. that walks upright.

11/10/10 In Pompeii... Skeletons reveal new insights about Roman family life.

10/29/10 Specimen swallowed Indonesian man caught smuggling dozens of rare animals out of Thailand. Ghanaian man tries to enter U.S. with suitcase filled with "spiritual items." Illegal moose meat siezed in Canada. Arizona restaurant adds lion tacos to the menu, then reconsiders.

10/4/10 Drunk animals Spike gets scrubbed. Alaskan reindeer eat magic mushrooms. German police arrest drunk owl. Romanian bird deaths were caused by alcohol poisoning. Meanwhile, Alabama birds were "whacked by something big" and South Dakota birds were killed in USDA avicide program. (More bird deaths here.)

7/19/10 Ancient spirits Vandals chop 500-year-old grapevine in Austria. Archaeologists find 2,400-year-old soup in China. Oldest known winery found in Armenia.

6/16/10 The most interesting person in the world He really has led an interesting life...

6/12/10 Discovered documents Wisconsin school discovers 340-year-old Bible in their possession.

6/5/10 Body burden Effects of BP oil spill showing up in human blood.

5/24/10 Glass harmonica Musical score hidden in the facade of a Renaissance church.

5/15/10 Great molasses flood The 92nd anniversary.

4/9/10 Of 2 minds about wolves Russian town terrorized by "super-pack" of 400 wolves. Norwegian boy fends off wolves with music by Creed.

4/6/10 Corpses in strange places Body found in freezer of New Mexico home. Bodies double-stacked in the Cook County morgue. Father's mummified body found in wardrobe in son's apartment in Japan. (Make your own mummy here and your own shrunken head here.)

4/3/10 18th c. French hairstyles for women Creator of the beehive hairstyle is honored.

3/26/10 Tarim mummies travel China has pulled the Beauty of Xiaohe from the exhibit.

3/13/10 Census 2010 Remarkable interactive census map of the U.S.

3/5/10 Napoleon's hair Another lock sells at auction.

3/2/10 Evelyn McHale Argentine woman jumps from hotel, but is saved when she lands on a car. Strange story of a hotel suicide caught on film.

3/1/10 Treasure trove Jewelry stash discovered in a used book. Discovery of ornamental sword in wreck of Blackbeard's ship.

2/9/10 Green burial Willow coffins available from English company.

1/19/10 Kite-fighting Kite photography by a Dutch artist. Texas man builds and flies world's largest kites.

1/7/10 Thwarted Two-thirds of the Jews killed in the Holocaust have now been identified by name.

12/23/09 Child heroes Toddler calls for help to save her Mom.

12/19/09 Nero's dining room Ancient Roman "super-highway" discovered in England. Caligula's tomb found south of Rome.

12/7/09 Rose round-up Celery genes help roses last longer.

11/22/09 Oasis and airbus The over-the-top amenities of forthcoming cruise ships. Planned $1.1 billion private yacht.

11/13/09 Circus animals on the lam Car strikes pet pig in Connecticut. German man allowed to take his pet tiger on walks. California sea lion found miles from water. Colorado couple finds a scorpion in the house. Idaho house infested with snakes. Dangerous monkey has escaped in Japan for the 2nd time. Loose emu shot and killed in Maryland. South African man pulled over for drunk driving had 6 passengers and 15 sheep in the car. Zebras shot after escaping from California ranch. A Siberian tiger escaped from a Chinese breeding center and killed a bus driver in full view of his passengers.

11/12/09 Placentas and more Doctors in Berlin capture 1st live MRI images of childbirth. Girl of 3 is youngest survivor of breast cancer. Artist Damien Hirst offends bereaved parents by using a fetal skull in his latest work.

11/5/09 Conjoined twins Two-headed turtle in Turkey. Conjoined lambs in Colorado. Conjoined camels (pictured) in Saudi Arabia. Two-headed cow born in country of Georgia.

10/30/09 Tree mummies Fossilized forests found in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Ice Age fossil cache found in Colorado.

10/27/09 Docking cow tails Cow gives birth to triplets! Cow attack in Florida. Cow that escaped slaughterhouse moves to new sanctuary. Woman hit by flying cow while pregnant gives birth.

10/22/09 Birds in fable and fact
Crows use tools to explore dangerous objects.

10/17/09 Lizard lore Satanic leaf-tailed gecko born in San Diego Zoo. Orange alligator spotted in Florida. Cell phone rings inside Ukrainian crocodile. Taxidermied crocodile from 19th c. sold at auction.

9/23/09 Optical illusions What are possibly the world's oldest optical illusions found in France.

8/12/09 Mona Lisa(s) Numbers discovered in the eyes of the Mona Lisa. Hidden literary references in the painting's composition. Landscape depicted has been identified.

8/9/09 Adventurers Club Chinese farmer builds fully-equipped treehouse.

8/6/09 Castaways, real and imagined Daniel Defoe stranded on an island off the coast of Scotland.

7/24/09 Creative cremains Open-air cremations offered in Colorado. U.K. plan to heat swimming pool by way of crematorium next door. Woman in Ireland swept out to sea and drowned while scattering her sister's ashes. Urn containing wife's ashes stolen from Colorado man's house. Thieves of the ashes of a Florida woman's father mistook them for cocaine and snorted some of them!

6/20/09 Placing of stones Standing stone in Scotland falls over. My yoga instructor Cathy has identified a stone she thought may have been carved by human hands as a ventifact.

6/18/09 Birthing and hoarding bunnies Hundreds of animals - including 2 tigers - seized in Texas. Hay airlifted to starving horses in Montana. Seventy-eight bunnies taken from home in Maryland.

6/9/09 Spontaneous human combustion Possible case in Ireland.

6/4/09 Elusive animals Harpy eagles return to Belize after 60-year absence. Bornean bay cat seen for the 1st time since 2003.

5/30/09 Clown's funeral Two clowns were killed in Mexico in an alleged drug gang hit.

5/8/09 Species named after Stephen Colbert Name a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach after your sweetheart.

5/4/09 Vultures Saudis arrest vulture for spying. High-tech attempt to vanquish vultures in Florida. Vultures wintering in Virginia.

5/2/09 Chihuahuas in the weird news Iowa dog survives being shot with an arrow. Iron Age dog guarded ancient treasure. Rescuers adopt dog found stranded on an iceberg in the Baltic Sea. Hermaphrodite dog has surgery. Dogs fed on owner's decomposing body in Kentucky. A blind man lost his seeing eye dog in Florida.

5/1/09 Rossetti's menagerie Wombat nuisance in Australian national park.

4/27/09 Mastectomy tattoos A reader shares her tattoo and says, "I cannot say how choosing art versus traditional reconstruction can empower you."

4/24/09 Ocean garbage dump Oregon professor claims reports of Pacific garbage patch are exaggerated.

4/24/09 Bears in the news Prehistoric bones of largest-ever bear found in Argentina. Escaped Arizona prisoner decides against suicide-by-bear.

4/21/09 Marlin Perkins
A reader kindly posted the link to the Wild Kingdom episode I couldn't find in which Marlin and Stan struggle mightily with an anaconda!

4/12/09 Flightless birds Australians warned to stay away from dangerous cassowaries. Woman in Hawaii found not guilty of cruelty in killing peacock. Cockfighting rooster kills its owner in India.

3/26/09 Centenarians - and then some Wal-Mart greeter, 100, thwarts theft in Wisconsin. Illinois' oldest resident dies at 111 and Florida's oldest dies at 112. Missouri centenarian delivers Meals-on-Wheels. World's oldest dies at 115.

3/12/09 Shark attack capital Shark survival story in Australia. Bull sharks seen in flooded Australian streets. Man escapes leopard attack in South Africa.

2/12/09 Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday The body of Italy's best-loved TV quiz show host has been stolen from the tomb.

2/3/09 Polydactyly Chinese boy with 31 fingers and toes. California newborn has 24 digits.

12/14/08 Dendrochronology Roman rise and fall recorded in tree rings.

11/22/08 Facial reconstruction Another ancient bog body has been given a face.

10/19/08 Amputation Swedish man's penis mistakenly amputated. Tree surgeon slices neck with chain saw. Tortilla factory worker killed by mixing machine. Really cool custom prosthetic legs. More images of gruesome bread art.

10/15/08 Hot air balloon fatalities Man dies of fall in Alps after surviving balloon crash. Meanwhile, the owner of the Segway company fell off a cliff and died while riding one.

9/29/08 Kutna Hora ossuary My friend George's latest artistic creation.

9/28/08 Nadar and the Paris catacombs The adventures of cataphiles, brought to you on NPR.

9/25/08 Traumatic skull injuries Knife penetrates cheek of Chinese boy.

9/21/08 Yellowstone National park is bulging with magma. Witness a volcanic island being born in the Solomon Islands.

9/20/08 While They Slept My friend Franck has started a blog called Boisterous Mirth and mentioned me in the 1st post.

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