Friday, July 4, 2014

Bulbous baldness

I have been waiting years for the opportunity to blog about this! I learned decades ago that some people cure their baldness by having a balloon inserted under the skin with hair follicles to stretch it so that the bald area can be cut away and the stretched skin stitched in its place. When I began Quigley's Cabinet in 2008, I tried to research this, but the search string I used was wrong. Thanks to an article in the weird news, I now know it is called "scalp expansion surgery." Chris Stoyanov, a 30-year-old who lives in Worthing, U.K., spent years as a teenager undergoing multiple surgeries to remove a tumor, which left areas of scarring and skin grafts that would never grow hair. To remedy this situation, his plastic surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick gradually expanded a balloon beneath Stoyanov's scalp to its maximum of 950ml – grapefruit-sized (IMAGE ABOVE). Dr. Kirkpatrick reports, I know that it was a pretty tough six months for Chris but it is great to see his self confidence as restored as his hairline.”

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