Thursday, July 3, 2014


When the organ at Padiham Road Methodist Church in Lancashire, U.K., came to the end of its useful life, it was sold for £1,700 ($2,900) to a German bidder for parts. As the instrument was being dismantled, church organist Kathy Yates discovered some bread wrapped in an old newspaper. As you can see above, it actually looks edible and is said to be perfectly preserved. This, despite the fact that the paper – a copy of the Stockport Advertiserdates from 1896 and was printed in the town where the organ was built. Conceivably, a craftsman had used the unfinished instrument to secrete his lunch. The organ was built, but the food was never finished. It may now be, however. Peter Yates, church property steward and spouse of Kathy, explains, "We hope to display the newspaper cuttings but we suspect that the bread will perish now it's been removed from inside the organ."

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