Saturday, July 5, 2014

Water squatters

In 1997, Bangkok's New World Mall was closed down because it was not in compliance with zoning laws. In 1999, it was burned down by a suspected arsonist, leaving it without a roof. When rainwater flooded the basement, locals had a mosquito problem on their hands. To thwart it, an unknown resident introduced koi and catfish to eat the mosquito eggs. Over the years, the mosquitoes vanished and the fish multiplied. Professional chef, photographer, and travel writer Jesse Rockwell snuck into what is not a tourist attraction, but a secret aquarium (IMAGE ABOVE, MORE PHOTOS HERE). Rockwell divulges, “I will not tell exactly where it is, as locals somewhat discourage people visiting it. In fact we had to wait for a policeman who was parked on his motorcycle in front of the gate to leave before we timidly entered.

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