Saturday, August 4, 2012

Collection auction


Jerry Andreasen (2nd image) has been collecting antique cars for 45 years. The 74-year-old Nebraska native now has 90! By attending sales listed in newspaper ads and car club flyers, he picked up Fords (Model As, Model Ts, Mustangs, Falcons), a Packard, Oldsmobiles (Toronados, Cutlass Convertible), Chryslers (Imperials), a Cadillac, a Lincoln (Zephyr), Chevrolets (coupes, pick-ups), and Austin Healey convertibles (example 1st image, see flyer here for full list). These, in addition to motorcycles, parts, and tools, will be auctioned in Bennington on August 11th. Auctioneer Gabe Petersen said this will be the most antique cars his business has ever sold at one time. “It's kind of a hodgepodge with a little bit of everything for the casual and serious collector as well....Everything here needs work, but there are a lot of classics.” Owner Andreason showed journalist Kevin Cole his neatly lined cars and explained that he had once hoped to build a museum in which to display and store them. His favorite is a 1918 Buick truck with the back end cut off, as he describes: “This is the same truck that the [Beverly] Hillbillies drove on TV. I get a kick out of it because I can just see that old granny sitting up there in a rocking chair.”
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