Saturday, March 31, 2012

The latest in hearses

A new hearse (pictured) has debuted at the TANEXPO 2012 International Funeral and Cemetery Exhibition in Bologna last weekend:

B12 Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse Maker: Biemme Special Cars
Models: Metis, Antalis, and Compact, 2- and 4-door limousine version
Length: 23' (7m)
Specs: 6.75-liter V12 engine (453 horsepower), with a self-leveling air suspension, made entirely from aluminum w/over 600 assembled parts and 650+ feet of welding, features high luminescence LEDs to illuminate the casket compartment

Company spokesman Dario Andreotto says, "For some time Biemme Special Cars have been wanting to make something extraordinary, something that didn't pass unnoticed and could not be matched by anyone else. We created the Phantom Hearse B12 with the sole intent of being the world's most luxurious hearse. It's not easy to pass near the B12 and remain unmoved." The specialty car is expected to be priced at over 500,000 (£417,000, $662,000). Alternatively, you may go out in style in a Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mercedes-Benz. And if none of these fill the bill, you can always customize.


My friend George Higham, who x-rays the dead and has been featured in Quigley's Cabinet (see Kutna Hora Ossuary, Jan Svankmeyer, and Two tarots), offers the following comment:

"You are once again making my train rides to the morgue much more interesting - started your new book yesterday!"

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