Monday, June 4, 2012


Something extraordinary took place at the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series in Boca Raton, Florida, over the Memorial Day weekend (1st image, plenty more photos here). It wasn't the size of the catches or the skydivers. It was what happened to amateur fisherman Jack Wiseman (2nd image, video here). The amputee veteran was one of 8 Wounded Warriors invited to fish with the professional teams. As he explains, "I have a special prosthetic that’s got difference devices I can hook onto it. And all of a sudden the hand snapped off the prosthetic device, still hooked to the rod, and the rod and the reel and the hand went down into the water." In other words, instead of catching the fish, the fish caught him and yanked not only the pole out of his hand but the arm off his shoulder! But all was not lost. Although the captain was unsuccessful at trying to retrieve it with another line as it disappeared from view, another participant got more than he was bargaining for when he responded to the tug on his line. Wiseman continues, "Somebody else hooked that same fish and our rod, with my hand, was still attached and they brought it back to us. So that's my fishing story." That's all (no image of the fish or the arm, unfortunately!).
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