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St. Paul stares back 8/4/10 Relics of St. John the Baptist have been found in Bulgaria.

Historic family farms
8/3/10 New friend and follower Sue was surprised to read this post because she lived in New Hampshire for 25 years and shopped at Tuttle's Red Barn often!

A second look at Wallace's cabinet 7/28/10 My sister in Seattle reminds me that they have no lightning bugs out there, because they never made it over the Rocky Mountains.

Mummy family 7/27/10 The mummified body of a man who went missing years ago is found beneath a California house. Reader Chase pointed out this story of a mummified baby found in a storage unit.

Tombstoning 7/26/10 The daredevil stunts are practiced by monkeys in Thailand. Monkeys used trees to catapult out of a Japanese laboratory.

Ripley's annual 7/24/10 Ripley's is trying to find the skeleton of a sperm whale they buried 2 decades ago.

Science center weddings 7/23/10 Louisville-based photojournalist Nina Greipel points out that she took the 3rd photograph used to illustrate this post.

Elmbalming Elvis 7/22/10 The tools used to embalm Elvis were withdrawn from auction.

Free micrography! 7/18/10 Fun flythroughs of fruits and vegetables that have been undergone MRI.

The Fine Art of Poisoning 7/17/10 Care to drink beer out of a dead animal?

Churchill's choppers 7/16/10 The prime minister's dentures sold for £15,200.

Oil and turtles 6/30/10 BP paid turtle watchers to make sure the animals weren't harmed during clean-up operations.

White elephants 6/29/10 Cameroon farmers are skeptical of deterring elephants with pepper spray. A Liberian elephant went on a rampage, killing a logging worker. A baby elephant in an Ohio zoo is caught on video attacking its keeper.

Antique chocolates 6/10/10 How about some 138-year-old cake? By the way, an unknown trader purchased all the cocoa beans on the European market in July...

Swimming the English Channel 6/2/10 Woman beats record for slowest crossing. Man abandons attempt at triple crossing.

Crafty bees 5/14/10 A swarm of bees in Lincolnshire, U.K., "turned the sky black." Michigan firefighters use 750 gallons of water to disperse overly aggressive bees.

Vultures 5/4/09 A Michigan motorcyclist is struck and killed by a turkey buzzard.

Pet food industry 4/15/10 A Florida food bank mistakenly distributes canned dog food.

Savants and synesthetes 4/14/10 An 8-year-old British boy who paints masterpieces.

Corpses in strange places 4/6/10 Dead body found in a car in Seattle that was ticketed for a parking violation. Belgium considers flushing its dead down the drain. A woman abandons her mother's body at a Georgia crematory.

Dwarfs on display 3/26/10 Violent dwarfs in Nevada. Reader Thorn points out the the descendants of Chang and Eng Bunker have gathered for their annual reunion.

Poularde de bresse en vessie 3/18/10 At the other extreme from fine dining, Japan debuts the 1st banana vending machine.

Monkeys in prose and proverb 3/9/10 A Chinese man regrets cracking eggs and killing chickens in front of his pet monkey.

Kopi 3/3/10 This coffee has been approved for Muslims by Indonesia's top Islamic body.

Crittercam 2/16/10 Video from the 1st squid-cam.

Ironic deaths 2/4/10 Two Oregon brothers die in a head-on collision with each other. A Pennsylvania bus driver is killed in a crash with a bus being driven by her husband. A Texas trucker dies while trying to stage a phony accident. An Italian wedding photographer is shot to death after asking bride and groom to pose with rifles.

Machu Picchu 1/27/10 A slideshow about Machu Picchu's history.

Ancient Egyptian finds 1/20/10 Father-son tombs have been discovered in Sakkara. A temple dating from the reign of Rameses the Great has been found in the Valley of the Kings.

Smilodon 12/21/09 The fossil of a saber-tooth tiger has been found in Australia for the 1st time.

Nero's dining room 12/19/09 Historians believe they have located the site of King Arthur's round table.

Alligator urban legends 11/14/09 Video of an alligator feeding frenzy in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. A rare American crocodile gobbled up a Florida man's dog. Alligators are being brought in to eat the fish stranded in a drained lake bed in Arizona.

Circus animals on the lam 11/13/09 A penguin is recovered on the street after being snatched from the zoo in Dublin. Two lemurs that escaped from a Salzburg zoo are captured in a hotel bar. A man has been sentenced for stealing a tarantula from a Maryland library. When the truck hauling them to the slaughterhouse overturned, 12 Michigan cows made a break for it. Australian media chase an escaped macaw. An escaped pet tiger is still on the loose in South Africa.

Humpback whales
11/10/09 A cruise ship fatally struck a humpback in Alaska. Grey whales beg for attention from Mexican tourists. You probably heard about the whale that jumped on a sailboat off South Africa. An employee at an Arizona safari park (which I've been to) has a close call with a tiger, but diverts its attention with an inflatable killer whale. A woman swimming in Florida was lifted up by a large, dark animal that may have been a whale - or a shark.

Manikins 11/6/09 A woman has designed a low-tech device called "MamaNatalie" to train birth attendants.

Engineering feats 11/1/09 Passengers taking the Eurotunnel to France are forgotten and sent back to England.

Docking cow tails 10/27/09 Automatic "cow wash" increases milk production. A 2-headed calf born in Egypt is expected to survive. A dairy cow in Somerset, U.K., has given birth to triplets of different breeds. A lamb born in China with only 2 legs (1st image) has been spared slaughter. But a rampaging pregnant cow at the California State Fair has to be put down. Barcelona bans bullfighting.

Birds in fable and fact 10/22/09 German scientists have determined that birds navigate by visualizing the earth's magnetic field with their right eye. Everyone is watching Molly the owl nest and lay eggs. A kookaburra and a duckling are friends. A hummingbird spotted in Ireland is actually a moth.

The Mary Rose 10/15/09 An old ship has been uncovered on a Rhode Island beach. After 27-year search, WWII bomber found in Adriatic Sea.

Golf course oddities 10/14/09 An increase in snakebites among Swedish golfers.

Gossamer 9/27/09 Britain may be facing a spider invasion.

The biting off of fingers 9/5/09 A man in Ottawa bit (but did not detach) a police officer's thumb. A man in Boise bit off his roommate's nose, which could not be reattached. A Florida man bit off his girlfriend's finger, which was reattached.

More mystery 8/23/09 Lawyers have just opened a cache of unpublished writings by Franz Kafka.

Hottentot Venus 7/27/09 The body of an aboriginal warrior has finally been reunited and laid to rest in Australia.

Steampunk design 7/21/09 A gallery of steampunk tattoos (2nd image). A virtual tour of a steampunk home in Sharon, Massachusetts.

Humboldt squid 7/17/09 Hundreds of dead penguins are washing up on the beaches of Brazil. A giant squid washed up on a New Zealand beach.

Hazards of hail 6/16/09 South Dakota breaks the record for the largest hailstone to fall in the U.S.

Oldtimer 6/6/09 A supposed 130-year-old woman in Tbilisi, Georgia, celebrates her birthday. In Malaysia, a 108-year-old woman reunites with her 38-year-old spouse. The 100-year-old actress from the film Titanic is honored. When Tokyo officials sought out their oldest citizen to honor him on his 111th birthday, they found him mummified in his bed - he had died 30 years ago; they then sought out the oldest woman in the city and found that she had disappeared decades before. Britain's oldest person has died just short of her 112th birthday.

Prosimians 4/25/09 The reclusive Horton Plains slender loris has been photographed for the 1st time.

Bears in the news 4/24/09 You probably heard about the bear in Colorado that took a Toyota for a short joyride earlier this month, but you may not have seen what the inside of the car looked like afterward! A rancher in New Mexico punched a bear to save a goat. The Alaska police warn against using tasers on bears. A real bear in New Hampshire broke into a house and stole a teddy bear. Residents and authorities in Canada have been unsuccessfully trying to catch a bear that has a jar stuck on its head.

Flightless birds
4/12/09 Kiwi does rehab on the treadmill.

Footprints 2/28/09 A fossil foot bone reveals human presence in the Philippines 20,000 years earlier than thought.

Megafishes 2/15/09 Dozens of beachgoers in San Diego were the victims of stingrays this season. Scientists claim fish "talk" to each other.

Polydactyly 2/3/09 A Chinese boy has 24 fingers and toes.

Animal accidents 1/16/09 Dead badger prevents striping of U.K. road.

Stand By Me 1/13/09 Brownsville, Oregon, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the movie, much of which was filmed in the town.

Auroras 12/23/08 Rare sightings of the Northern Lights in places like Scotland due to a recent solar flare.

First U.S. face transplant!
12/17/08 French surgeons carry out a full-face transplant. Full-face transplant in Spain. A British nurse is the 1st person to have had all her major organs transplanted.

Zebras 12/1/08 A zedonk has been born at a Georgia wildlife preserve. A donkey in France is rarer than a white rhino.

Myrtle Corbin and Hannah Kersey
11/26/08 A Utah woman pregnant in each of her 2 uteruses.

Octopus with attitude 11/26/08 Antarctic octopuses have venom that works at subzero temperatures. Germany rejects Spain's bid to buy the octopus that famously predicted the outcome of the World Cup. You, too, can look like an octopus.

Facial reconstruction 11/22/08 Scientists have recreated a woman's appearance from her Ice Age skeleton.

Albinos 11/18/08 An albino raccoon is caught in Tennessee. Meanwhile, a raccoon with more typical coloration has terrorized an Illinois family. And a baby skunk adopted by an Iowa family turns out to have rabies.

Amputation 10/19/08 In amputation news, an amputee protester at the G20 had a negative experience with the Toronto police. Also, in contrast to the many who undergo limb-lengthening surgery for cosmetic reasons, a British boy does so to help restore a withered leg. An Alabama teen breaks vow never to attend another camp after her prosthetic leg is stolen as a prank. A New Mexico man was found naked on the highway after setting his prosthetic leg on fire with his crack pipe.

Franklin Expedition 10/13/08 Canadian archaeologists are searching for Franklin's ships.

Nadar and the Paris Catacombs
9/28/08 Follower Jana recommends this write-up about the adventures of cataphiles.

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