Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mary Rose

Here is a timeline of the Tudor warship Mary Rose, which displaced 500 tons, was 38.5M long, and had a crew of 415:
1509-1510: Built in Portsmouth England
1536: Number of cannons on board upgraded from 76 to 91
1545: Sunk during engagement with invading French fleet
1546: Depicted (illustration above) in survey of Royal Navy ships presented to King Henry VIII (1491-1547)
1836: Wreck discovered by fisherman and timbers and other items recovered
1967-1971: Wreck rediscovered with sonar and visualized
1979-1982: Remaining timbers raised and placed on display (photo above)
1994: Conservation efforts begun to preserve the remains of the ship
2003: New diving expedition to collect additional artifacts
2008: Determined that the Mary Rose sank after turning sharply to fire cannons from the other side of the ship and taking on water through the open gun ports
2009: Exhibition closed for preparation of new museum
2012: Museum to display the remains of the ship and its treasures will open in Portsmouth
Ironically, considering the lengthy timeline of the ship, "Nowhere else in the world is a single moment in Tudor life captured as it was with the Mary Rose," says the head of the trust set up to preserve and display her remains and contents. Click on the quote for photos of some of the 19,000 recovered artifacts, which include leather shoes, a wooden tankard and bowl, a fiddle, a manicure set and nit combs (some still containing the nits), and a syphilis syringe.

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