Saturday, April 25, 2009


I read in the news today that the recession has hit the Bronx Zoo and they are coming up $15 million short, so they are closing four exhibits with plans to parcel out the occupants to other zoos. The 100s of animals to be let go include the inhabitants of the World of Darkness exhibit, which houses bats, porcupines, sugar gliders, lemurs, bush babies, and night monkeys. I had just heard of the aye-aye for the first time yesterday (top photo) and wanted him to be in my Cabinet, so I checked Wikipedia to see if he was related to the lemur. Then I added all the animals whose names I had never heard - the loris and the potto - to the menagerie, along with those I had heard of, but coudn't picture - bush baby, tarsier. The result, for your viewing pleasure and mine, is a gallery of big-eyed, long-fingered creatures, most of which are prosimians and all of which

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  1. They are sooooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing them.


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