Thursday, November 19, 2009


Cloaca 11/17/09 Today is World Toilet Day! I used the opportunity to contact Virginia Gardiner, inventor of the LooWatt, to give her my regards. In this article from Tuesday, the founder of the World Toilet Organization wants everyone to see past the toilet's lack of charisma to solve the world's sanitation problem.

Follow-ups 11/16/09 In my last set of follow-ups, I linked to the illustrations of radiation-damaged insects by Cornelia Hesse-Honegger. I soon heard from follower Kent Schnake, who was sent "reeling back to the 1950's. I was born in 1950," he writes, "so one staple of my childhood was movies about various dangerous mutations due to radiation. I immediately thought of a movie I saw about giant ants. As I was looking about for examples, I stumbled on this article that gives an excellent explanation of why scaling creatures up in size would create big problems regarding their viability. It seems that the 50 ft. Woman would have had serious health problems!" The article is a fantastic find and a great read.

Circus animals on the lam
11/13/09 A family was recently driving through a safari park in Johannesburg, South African, when a lion managed to open the back door of the car. Meanwhile, 8 British tourists are suing a safari park north of Cape Town, South Africa, because of the irresponsible actions of a park employee who overturned the vehicle they were riding in, causing them to be surrounded, threatened, and traumatized by a pride of lions.

Birds in fable and fact 10/22/09 In Fairbanks, Alaska, hundreds of ravens gathered right after 2 of the birds were accidentally electrocuted.

Mona Lisa(s) 8/12/09 Here is an attempt to create the largest reproduction of the painting - 50X its original size - in Wrexham, Wales, U.K.

Autotomy 5/10/09 In a follow-up to this post, I linked to a video of a Chinese speed-cooking competition. Here is a similar video of a deep-fried carp cooked, served in a Taiwanese restaurant, and eaten - all while it is still alive.

Chihuahuas in the weird news 5/2/09 Above (1st photo) is the best costume I have seen on a dog (not a chihuahua) this Halloween! And the chihuahua depicted (2nd photo) deserved, in my opinion, Best Costume of all the dogs featured in a post this summer.

Animal accidents 1/16/09 There have been a flurry of mentions that British photographer Kevin Beresford has published a surprisingly popular Roadkill Calendar for 2010, but nowhere can I find a link with order information, which seems a bit suspect.

Traumatic skull injuries 11/25/08 Though it involved the heart and not the skull, this traumatic injury immediately reminded me of Phineas Gage.

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