Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Squid vid

In December 2013, Captain John Bennett and his crew aboard the San Aspiring hauled up a giant squid from a mile deep in Antarctica's Ross Sea. The enormous creature weighed 770 pounds (350 kg) and its 8 arms had a tip-to-tentacle measurement of greater than 4 meters. Even after spending 9 months in the freezer of a Wellington, New Zealand, museum, it was said to be one of the best preserved colossal squids ever found after it was moved by forklift into a tank and examined yesterday (PHOTOS HERE VIDEO HERE). Kat Bolstad of the Auckland University of Technology led the necropsy of the female squid and found that not only was she was full of eggs, "This one had two perfect eyes. They have very large and very delicate eyes because they live in the deep sea. It’s very rare to see an eye in good condition at all.”

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