Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ovine inertia

Semi-professional skier Pete Oswald was on a photo shoot in the Hector Mountains, Otago, in his home country of New Zealand, when he looked over his shoulder to see a sheep snowballing ass over teakettle down the slope. The poor creature, still curled up and with a bloody nose, came to a stop 100 m from him. Oswald skied over and tried to set it upright, but the sheep was exhausted and he feared it would die without further help. So the skiier lifted the fully grown ewe and brought it down the mountain, leaving it in a grassy area to feed. The odd event was caught on camera by photographer Dan Power. The unshorn wool indicates that the animal may have been stuck on the mountaintop since the beginning of winter. Oswald muses, "It's a bit of a yarn. It is definitely the oddest thing I have found skiing."

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