Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fisher cat

This forest-dwelling creature may look cute, but it is both fierce and frightening. Referred to as a fisher cat, it is actually a member of the weasel family and is as vicious as a wolverine. Fisher cats have few predators other than humans, are of little concern conservationally, and range across Canada and in the northern fringes of the United States. Brian Doyle describes the behavior of this vicious animal in the West: "In the woods here in Oregon there is a creature that eats squirrels like candy, can kill a pursuing dog in less than a second, and is in the habit of deftly flipping over porcupines and scooping out the meat as if the prickle-pig were merely a huge and startled breakfast melon." And Anna Long captures its eerie sounds in the East (LISTEN HERE).

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