Saturday, May 24, 2014

Swimming trunk

Back in 2008, shortly after I started this blog, I relayed the story of my Mom surprised and delighted at the sight of 3 Indian elephants getting a bath in the parking lot of a Florida mall. Last weekend, beachgoers were similarly amused by and curious about an Indian elephant wading in the surf of Florida's Gulf Coast. As a result of the publicity, North Redington Beach resident Claudia McCorkle came forward to explain that it was she who got the necessary permit and paid the $4,500 (€3,300) cost to spent 4 hours with "Judy." The 58-year-old elephant gave rides to McCorkle and the guests at her 60th birthday party, afterward spending some time in the waves. McCorkle had regretted all of her life having turned down a chance to ride an elephant in Fort Lauderdale at the age of 5. Pleased with her recent decision, McCorkle commented, "Elephants are so symbolic. Symbolic of karma and such wonderful qualities as loyalty and love, memory and longevity."


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