Thursday, May 22, 2014

Accidental elk

Swedish professionals skier Jesper Modin was driving home to Östersund when his vision was compromised by the sun as he rounded a hill. He collided with a large elk and describes, "It smashed into the windscreen and went tumbling over the roof. I was completely covered in glass and the elk's innards." What he didn't realize until hours later – after the car had been towed and he reached in to retrieve some belongings – was that the elk had been pregnant and those innards included a full-term calf. Amazingly, the baby elk had survived the impact and was alive on the floorboards of the backseat. But after wildlife authorities arrived on the scene, they decided to euthanize it. Unlike newborn sharks, newborn elk will not survive without the help of the mother.


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  1. But...but...this baby made it without it's mama. Wish they'd given the little Swedish guy a chance. :(


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