Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

At this point in my life, my Halloween costume is less about being able to carry out the idea as the idea itself. And while I was less concerned about scaring children in my earlier costumes such as the bat (SEE SLIDESHOW BELOW), now I have the additional parameter of not wanting to frighten the elderly residents in the nursing home. My costume this year (IMAGE ABOVE) functions on 2 levels. To my fellow residents, and to the staff – many of whom are in costume themselves – I am a goofy ogre. But to continue my 25-year tradition as a Queen of Halloween, this year I am a homunculus, the monstrous representation of the body's correspondence to the brain, in which the features are exaggerated according to the space they occupy (IMAGE HERE)!


  1. Hahaha, so glad to see you are continuing the tradition. However, you will always be the Ruler Lady to me! Every year at this time, I still worry that when I stick my hand into my office mailbox there will be plastic black spiders in it! Have a great Halloween, lady!
    Your pal,
    Rick Pike

  2. Hurray! I thought of you last night and wondered what your Halloween costume was this year. I love the scary feet!


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