Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mad Libs

According to the    (adjective)    history, the idea behind Mad Libs was conceived in 1953 in a    (place)    apartment by Leonard Stern and Roger Price while thinking up a word to describe Ralph Kramden's    (body part)   . When the concept took shape     (number)   years later, the 2    (plural noun)    were turned away from so many publishers and game manufacturers that they had 14,000 copies printed and delivered to Price's    (noun)   . After Mad Libs were introduced to a    (adjective)    audience by TV host Steve Allen, the 1st printing sold out and they were off and    (verb ending in -ing)   . In the early 1960s, journalist, publicist, and    (occupation)    Larry Sloan, joined as the 3rd    (noun)    of the publisher Price Stern Sloan. Mad Libs went on to    (verb)    an astonishing 110 million and remains in print. But the word on Sunday was that Sloan, last surviving partner, had died at the age of 89. Mad Libs - a    (adjective)    memory of childhood that can be revisited in print, in unofficial versions online, or in a forthcoming app - will remain the    (adjective)    legacy of all 3 men.

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