Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Game day

Sundays usually find me over at my nonagenarian friend Anne's for a game or 2 of Scrabble. My standing invitation follows her going to church and breakfast, so she is particularly well-dressed. A few weeks ago, she was wearing a gorgeous bracelet that she bought at Peddler's Wagon, a store that everyone loves. Last weekend, I told her I would bring my Dad with me as I have done before, since he and my stepmother were visiting for Thanksgiving. "Good," said Anne, whose game has improved by leaps and bounds, "I'll be happy to beat him, too!" I requested that she wear the bracelet, because I wanted a picture of it and I had asked my Dad to bring a camera. She complied, as you can see above, but it's her response to my initial compliment that still tickles me. She smiled - the same smile I get when she makes a winning move at the game - and said, "I love bling!"

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