Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Muppet headline round-up

The Muppets have made news recently due to the death of a cast member, which prompts a look backward chronologically at some other news and cultural items of the past couple of years:

8/28/2012: "Everything We Thought We Knew About the Swedish Chef Is Wrong"
8/28/2012: "Israel’s Version of Oscar the Grouch, the Face of War Preparation"
8/28/2012: "Axe's New Sex Symbols? Muppets!"
8/24/2012: "Dubliners Flock to See ‘Muppet’ Bankers"
8/23/2012: "Muppets Company Severs Ties with Chick-fil-A over Gay Marriage Stance"
8/9/2012:  "‘Sesame Street’ Casting New Latino Character"
7/30/2012: "Jim Henson Sketches For 'The Muppet Show' Up For Sale"
5/4/2012: "21 Congressional Members Resembling Muppets"
4/26/2012: "The Cool Muppet Chalk Art Murals at the Sesame Workshop Offices"
4/4/2012: "8 money-losing Muppets to count out"
1/25/2012: "'I'm over the moon' says Muppet man McKenzie"
1/21/2012: "The 10 Best Muppet Show Guests" (slideshow)
11/9/2011: "The Muppets As Oscar Hosts?…Really?"
11/3/2011: "How the Muppets were Saved"
1/24/2011: "All 120 Muppet Show intro's by Kermit" (video)
10/5/2011: "Meet Lily, a muppet facing growing concern: national hunger"
8/9/2010: "Muppet Show conductor Jack Parnell dies"

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