Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weird deer

Another circulating e-mail with photos of a black fawn prompted this round-up of recent strange goings-on involving deer. A quick check of Snopes showed that the color of the black fawn was a rare genetic variation and that the unmanipulated photographs are the work of nature photographers Richard and Gail Buquoi. After finding a suitable complementary image of a white (albino) deer, I was off and running - like the deer themselves...

11/23/11 - Deer skeletons in trees in Harrisburg, Illinois, attributed to pranksters. 6/17/11 - A power outage in Helena, Montana, was caused by a dead fawn apparently dropped on the line by an eagle.

11/29/11 - A man in Waupaca, Wisconsin, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for deliberately running down and killing 3 deer with his snowmobile. 11/16/11 - An Indiana man hunting in Chain O'Lakes State Park in Illinois sustained lethal injuries from a deer he thought he had killed.

10/24/11 - A deer was seen walking purposely up a suburban street in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia: "It had antlers about 6" long, the only thing missing was the sleigh."

10/28/11 - A Burmese python in the Florida Everglades had swallowed a deer weighing 76 lbs. 10/18/11 - A Lacey, Washington, woman driving on the I-5 was not hurt when a deer struck her windshield, flipped over the car, crashed through the back window, and landed in the trunk.

11/17/11 - Wildlife officials in Montgomery County, Tennessee, found 2 bucks dead after their antlers locked in a struggle that lasted at least 12 hours. 11/15/11 - Dashcam video shows a police officer in Huron County, Michigan, removing a dazed deer from the highway after it was nearly struck.


11/6/11 - Wildlife officials had to subdue a deer that entered a Repentigny, Quebec, pharmacy, terrorizing the employees and knocking things off shelves.


11/10/11 - A deer in Atlanta crashed through the window of a Taco Mac restaurant and exited through the back door, losing an antler in the process.

11/22/11 - A labrador retriever decided to do some deer-herding in London's Richmond Park, much to his owner's consternation.

4/10/11 - A deer in a Buffalo, New York, cemetery became protective of a nesting goose. 11/30/11 - Bramble the deer and Tinsel the turkey have bonded at a Warwickshire, U.K., animal sanctuary.

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