Sunday, September 18, 2011


With comparatively few paparazzi in Russia, it pays to have a personal photographer or two on staff. Vladimir Putin, Russia's former president and current prime minister, has been pictured
carrying ancient amphora he discovered while diving in Greece (1st image, August 2011), holding the head of a tiger as it is outfitted with a tracking collar at an animal reserve in eastern Russia (2nd image, August 2008), playing piano at a charity concert in St. Petersburg (3rd image, December 2010), in the cockpit of an airplane fighting fire southeast of Moscow (4th image, August 2010), participating in some iron-forging at a museum in Siberia (5th image, August 2009), and - of course - riding a horse shirtless (6th image, August 2009). The photos above have been collected by The Atlantic, which offers dozens more. There is a website dedicated to Uncomfortable Moments with Putin, but even there it's hard to find a bad photo of the man himself.

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