Monday, September 19, 2011

Proud gardener

So says the prizewinner of the competition at the recent Harrogate Autumn Flower Show for the heaviest onion, weighing in at 17lb 15.5oz (8.150kg). Peter Glazebrook, 67, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, U.K., has laid claim to growing the world's heaviest onion, smashing John Sifford’s 2005 record of 16lb 8.37oz (7.495 kg). The retired surveyor, who stands by John Innes Compost No. 3, has also raised the world's heaviest potato, heaviest parsnip, and longest beetroot. Doesn't Mr. Glazebrook look like a guy you'd want to live next door? We had a neighbor like that growing up in Illinois, U.S.A. Mr. Jack Lanach, long since gone, talked gardening with my Mom and gave my sister and I the occasional gift. The Fannie May chocolates* are also long since gone, but the fossil is still in my permanent collection.

*Melissa, don't these jog your memory and give you a craving?!


  1. The expression on his face in that first photo! What a sweet-looking little man. When I first glanced at the photo I thought it was a tiny man with a regular sized onion... I think there might be something wrong with my mind.

  2. He looks so enamored with his onion!


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