Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mysterious spheres

Imagine the surprise of the kids at Eagle Point (1st image) when they discovered a very large unexplained granite sphere (2nd image) outside the front door of their elementary school (3rd image)! When they returned from Thanksgiving break, the sphere was lying at their doorstep, where security footage showed it rolling to a stop. The president of the neighborhood association attempted to move it so he could locate and return it to the owner, but the ball could not be budged. Grounds crews from the school district hefted the ball across the street to the bottom of the steep hill leading to Eagle Hill Cemetery, and from there the mystery was solved. Andrew Van Acker, a church member and the cemetery's volunteer caretaker, quickly discovered that the stone sphere was missing from a monument. It had been vandalized, as had signs and the air vents of a vacant mausoleum used as a shed. Van Acker reasoned that the ball had been pushed off by pranksters and rolled down the hill, although he joked, "Sometimes the elderly up there like to bowl." So although the vandals haven't been caught, this mystery has been solved. But the strange movements of a granite sphere in an Ohio cemetery (4th image) remain a mystery...


And I can imagine your surprise when you tuned in to Quigley's Cabinet and found that it had been updated even though I announced less than a week ago that I would be posting only on "odd" days. Well, that imposed restriction was driving me nuts and wasn't saving me any time, so I am resuming my normal morning schedule and working on revising my book manuscript in the afternoons and evenings!

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  1. Glad you are posting again, I always check in with your bloggie in the am, coffee cup in hand, what fun it is!


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