Sunday, January 2, 2011

The week after Christmas

'Twas the week after Christmas when the letter arrived,
In truth, I was not the least bit surprised.
Confirmation, I thought, for the manuscript I mailed,
But when I opened and read it, my cheery face paled.

I'd been working on a manuscript, as you may remember,
And finally finished it this very December.
With my Mom's help, I boxed the hard copy,
With USB-drive instead of a floppy.

We tied the pages with a red Christmas ribbon,
And sent it to McFarland thinking acceptance a given.
I had met my deadline (though it had twice been extended)
And 36 illustrations were also appended.

The working title of the book is "Public Dissection,"
A subject for which I have built great affection.
"Good thing," I said to myself with a laugh,
"Since my publisher reports it is too short by half!"

The editor asked cordially, rather than demanded,
That the manuscript be substantially expanded.
"We are hopeful," he wrote - and well they should be,
But it does put the burden right back on me.

As a means of better managing my time,
I've made a decision I'm conveying in this rhyme:
Rather than a daily post, as is my habit,
I'm imposing limits on Quigley's Cabinet.

It will be a challenge to hold myself back
From the frequent strange stories you've come to expect,
But I've concluded I must at least attempt
To reduce my blogging by 50 percent.

I'm hoping we all won't suffer from withdrawal
As I use every other day to resume my scrawl.
The book will be finished in a matter of months,
By which time my blog backlog will surely be dense.

Until then, bear with me, I humbly ask,
So I can complete this challenging task
And return every day to infuse and amuse
My readers with things like fossils and weird news.

Blogging on odd days and begging your patience,
I'll reserve the evens to meet my obligations.
To all, a year of much cheer and no sorrow.
Today being the 2nd, I'll see you tomorrow~

Image: A 5" x 7" pen and ink drawing entitled "Goth Christmas Tree" designed by Amy Crook, which can be purchased in the original or as a single or set of handmade cards on Etsy.


  1. Good luck with your project and although I will surely suffer withdrawal symptoms, I will treasure the odd days even more!

  2. Dear Chris,
    Didn't know you were under such pressure! I enjoy your serenity in yoga class. Stay centered...
    PS You are quite the poet!


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