Thursday, July 29, 2010

Royal Mayan burial

In northern Guatemala is a Mesoamerican archaeological site called "El Zotz." The largest temple structure at that site is called "El Diablo" and has dangerously steep sides like the temple at the nearby site of Tikal. Beneath the "El Diablo" pyramid is the 1,600-year-old tomb of a Mayan king that was discovered on May 29th. Last week, archaeologists announced the contents of that tomb:
All of this lay within or adjacent to the burial chamber (1st image), which measures 6' high, 12' long, and 4' wide. Tightly sealed and compared to "Fort Knox," the tomb had a strong odor of decay when it was opened, which lead archaeologist Stephen Houston calls "a complete King Tut moment.” He comments, “I can lie down comfortably in it, although I wouldn’t want to stay there.”

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