Friday, July 30, 2010

Dog roundup

Time for a weird news roundup on the theme of dogs, prompted by the fact that all of these events occurred in July 2010 - with the exception of the story that broke in May about a condo in Baltimore DNA-testing the resident dogs to identify who is pooping in the hall.

July 13, Allentown, Pennsylvania - Left in a hot car while his owner ran some errands, Max sounded the horn repeatedly to draw attention to his desperate situation.

July 14, Wellington, New Zealand - A hunting dog shot his owner in the butt by stepping on the trigger of a rifle.

July 19, Frederick, Maryland - A yellow labrador named Delta died in a car in a Costco parking lot while the owner was shopping for pet supplies. After she found the dog, she went back into the store to return the dog food, bedding, and treats she had purchased, and was subsequently charged with animal cruelty.

July 22, Toronto - A visiting dog attending an Anglican church has caused an uproar after it received Holy Communion.

July 23, Frankfort, Kentucky - A purebred pet named Copper escaped from her backyard and was picked up and brought to the Humane Society, but has been released into the wild because the shelter mistook her for a coyote.

July 24, Auckland - The life of a rottweiler participating in a pet store promotion will be spared after causing damage to an employee's face that required plastic surgery.

July 24, San Jose, California - "Outback Abby" is a paraglider, snowboarder, and competitive surfer.

July 27, Minneapolis - A dachshund jumped on the accelerator when a car was in motion, sending it through the front of a liquor store.

July 29, Atlanta - Rufus (pictured, staring at the camera) is relocated from Afghanistan after saving the lives of U.S. soldiers from a suicide bomber.

July 30, Mason City, Iowa - Lastly watch Lacy shuck and eat ears of corn on the family farm.

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