Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grim eater

In "Harold and Maude" (1971) - my best friend Cris's favorite movie of all time - the title characters meet at the funeral of a stranger. Maude (Ruth Gordon) likes to be reminded of how wonderful it is to be alive, while Harold (Bud Cort) attends out of morbid fascination. Though they are not technically paying their respects, they are behaving with respect. Not this guy. Dubbed the "Grim Eater," he is crashing funerals in and around Wellington, New Zealand, for the food. He has been spotted at wakes filling Tupperware containers, which he carries away in his backpack - and none too discreetly, although he is quiet and polite. After they observed him at 4 funerals a week in March, the management of the Harbour City Funeral Home distributed his image to the staff at all their branches and have warned the man that he may attend the services, but is not allowed to take home leftovers. Families have also been notified, but Funeral Directors' Association president Tony Garing explains, "If it's in a church, or even in a funeral home, if a notice has been published in the paper, it's essentially a public event. That makes it a bit hard to keep people out."

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