Friday, June 4, 2010


First watch this video of freediver Gillaume Nery that I watched and became entranced by late last night, and then I will tell you what I found out this morning about this man, this sport, and this location...
  • Guillaume Nery, a 28-year-old Frenchman, is a world champion freediver. He competes all over the globe and had a personal best of -113M (370' - setting a new World Record in July 2008) until last month when he reached -115M (377' - a new French record). He has a Facebook page and a blog (in French and English).
  • Freediving is participation in various underwater activities - swimming, diving, spearfishing (or photography) - without the use of SCUBA gear. Freedivers train themselves to hold their breath for several minutes at a time. Nery competes in the discipline of Constant Weight Apnea, in which divers descend to a depth using bi-fins or a monofin, following a guide line that they are not allowed to touch except to change direction at the bottom, and return to the surface without dropping any diving weights.
  • Dean's Blue Hole, the world's largest underwater sinkhole, is located in a bay in the Bahamas. Formed during the Ice Age (15,000 years ago), most blue holes have a depth of 110M (360') or less, but this one is an extraordinary 202M (663') deep!

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