Monday, December 28, 2009


A Christmas Carol 12/24/09 A Scottish paper cites a survey that claims people tire of their Christmas turkey leftovers at exactly 2:04PM on December 27th.

Octopus achievement 12/15/09 A fun video (with Spanish text) of experiments showing the intelligence of the pulpos.

Circus animals on the lam 11/13/09 Three tigers escaped from a Mexican circus caravan and only one was recaptured.

Placentas and more 11/12/09 A clinic in Dubai is offering placenta-based facial treatments.

One man band 10/24/09 A video of Canadian street musician Scott Dunbar.

Maldives 10/18/09 Also facing the consequences of global climate change, the Inuits need to raise money to buy communal freezers to store the game they hunt in the Arctic.

Scrabble creator 5/9/09 The "7 Scariest Placed to Play Scrabble."

Accidental fossil discoveries 5/5/09 While studying microraptors, paleontologists have identified the fossil (photo above) of an extinct bird with venomous fangs.

Centenarians and then some 3/23/09 A woman in Brazil celebrated her 100th birthday last month, and this month asked her grandson to book her a skydive. Featured in the print edition of the Orlando Sentinel last Sunday was 99-year-old Cecil Woods of Eustis, Florida, who will celebrate the century mark on New Year's Eve and will also be renewing her driver's license.

Killer chimpanzees 2/17/09 It was revealed this month that chimpanzees were observed using cleavers and anvils as tools to process food and mastering the first step in controlling fire. Scientists had already conceded in April 2007 that chimps are genetically more evolved than humans, and reported in June 2007 that they are able to pass on their culture like we can.

Disturbing decapitations 1/23/09 The man who decapitated his female classmate at Virginia Tech has pled guilty.

Animal accidents 1/16/09 Rhode Island's Department of Environmental Management authorizes certain vendors to retrieve, prepare, cook, and serve the deer killed on the state's roads.

Oldest zoo in the world 11/10/08 The Kiev Zoo in the Ukraine is still in a sorry state since being expelled from the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria in 2007.

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