Monday, December 8, 2014

Gargoyles gone

The image above shows one of four remaining gargoyles on the structure formerly known as the Chestnut Street Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S. Another 8 of the 3,000 lb (1360 kg) stone ornaments were removed from the 119-year-old church in 2006 because of structural issues. The removal (IMAGE HERE) was carried out by the former Monaco Restorations, Inc. of Southbridge, and the gargoyles were taken to their warehouse instead of being stored in the basement of the church as was supposed to happen. When the company went bankrupt, their assets were sold off in 2012 by the Monson Savings Bank– including the monstrosities that still belonged to the church. Stephen S. Rolle, director of the city Division of Planning and Regulatory Services, told the Historical Commission earlier this month that recovery was unlikely: "The individual believes he legitimately purchased (the gargoyles) and he is not interested in returning them."

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