Monday, October 6, 2014

Leopard seal changes its spots

"More frightening than the canines was the deep jackhammer sound she let loose that rattled through my chest," described photographer Paul Nicklen. He was on assignment for National Geographic in 2006 when he captured this image of a mature female leopard seal protecting her kill from another seal behind him. The solitary animals are apex predators in the waters of the Antarctic, where 28-year-old British marine biologist Kirsty Brown was killed by one just last week. Possibly mistaken for another seal, the scientist was dragged underwater and drowned in what is believed to be the first fatal attack by a seal since the Scott Expedition of 1912. When American biologist Lisa Kelly encountered one recently on a National Geographic expedition, she was understandably nervous. But instead of threatening her, the leopard seal playfully panned for the camera (VIDEO HERE).

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  1. Kirsty died in 2003

    love your blog by the way!


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