Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cub curbside

Earlier this week, Florence Slatkin's Chihuahua Paco discovered a dead bear cub in the bushes of New York's Central Park at 69th Street and West Drive. The female black bear, less than a year old, was removed to the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s wildlife pathology unit. A necropsy determined that the cub died from blunt force trauma consistent with being hit by a car. This raises questions of where the collision occurred and why the animal was hidden in the park. Whoever did so faces charges for illegal possession, transport, and disposal of an untagged bear. Associate director Patrick R. Thomas of the Bronx Zoo, confirms that the bear was not an escapee and that they have not been native to the island for centuries. “There’s a record of one being shot in Manhattan in 1630."

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