Monday, October 13, 2014

Creativity nativity

The sculpture above, known as Der Löwenmensch (The Lion Man), was discovered in a German cave in 1939. It was carved out of mammoth ivory 40,000 years ago and marks a turning point in human evolution. When ancient artists made cave paintings and sculpted figurines, they were depicting things that already existed. In contrast, the Lion Man has the head of a lion but the body of a human – a creature which does not exist. The artist took 2 pieces of knowledge and combined them in his or her imagination, creating something unique which no human or other animal had ever seen. The figurine could then you have been used to describe the concept of a human-lion hybrid to others. Nick Skillicorn of Improvides Consulting Ltd. explains, "At it’s most fundamental level, this is human creativity in action. And this is the first example of it happening (until older examples may one day be unearthed."


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