Thursday, September 4, 2014


There are both technical and artistic ways to turn data into sound. And there are both technical and artistic ways to turn sound into data. Soundscape ecologist Bryan Pijanowski makes color-coded spectrograms to study the sounds of the natural world, noting, "There are what I call rhythms of nature, there are periodicities like the dawn chorus and certain crescendos during the seasons." The image above by Michael Towsey of the Queensland University of Technology shows 24 hours of noise in the Australian bush (MORE EXAMPLES AND VIDEOS HERE). Of the relatively new field, Arizona ecologist Tom Seager comments, "It’s still in its renaissance period, where both technologists and artists can contribute." Meanwhile, Australian multimedia artist Andy Thomas uses a software program to make 3D animations he calls "audio life forms" from bird songs (WATCH A NIGHTINGALE HERE).

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