Saturday, August 9, 2014

Prismatic presumption

In the latest example of tourists behaving badly, a visitor to Yellowstone National Park crashed a camera-equipped drone into the world's third largest hot spring. This despite the fact that there is no lack of aerial photos of Grand Prismatic Spring and the fact that drones have been banned from U.S. national parks since June of this year. The hot spring (IMAGE ABOVE), which is 370' (113 m) in diameter and more than 121' (37 m) deep, Is brilliantly colored due to bacteria and minerals in the water. The park employee can be faulted for failure to detain the tourist and immediately report Saturday's incident to authorities when the man had the nerve to approach him and inquire about getting his drone back. Park spokesperson Al Nash referred to the pilot as "inept" and said of the drone, "We are trying to determine if we can locate it, and if we locate it, if we’ll be able to remove it. Our concern is about any potential impacts to the iconic Yellowstone thermal feature.”

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