Monday, August 4, 2014

Colorado climbing cat

Not to be confused with a katzenklavier participant, this feline is under no duress in carrying out his activities. His "fur parents," Russ and Andrea McMillen, rescued the abandoned kitten, named him Paul, and taught him to respond to a whistle so he could accompany them on their vacations, camping and hiking in Utah, Wyoming, and their home state of Colorado, U.S. In June, they conquered Colorado's Grays Peak at an elevation of 14,278' (4352 m). With Paul very much in mind, they took the more peaceful South Ridge route, which had fewer dogs and people, and carried a modified mesh backpack so that their kitty could ride when he needed to rest his paws. Not only does Paul draw the attention of other climbers, but he is quite distracted himself. He seems to very much enjoy the outings and as owner Andrea ensures, "He doesn't know it's weird."

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