Monday, August 18, 2014

Audio from video

In another mind-blowing achievement, scientists have done the seemingly impossible. Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have succeeded in extracting sound from silent films. By using an algorithm to reconstruct audio signals by analyzing the minute vibrations of objects depicted in video, they were able to recover intelligible speech! This is almost beyond my comprehension, so I am just relaying the news. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE AND THEN READ ON. Electrical engineer and computer scientist Alexei Efros of the University of California at Berkeley comments, "This is new and refreshing. It’s the kind of stuff that no other group would do right now. We’re scientists, and sometimes we watch these movies, like James Bond, and we think, ‘This is Hollywood theatrics. It’s not possible to do that. This is ridiculous.’ And suddenly, there you have it. This is totally out of some Hollywood thriller. You know that the killer has admitted his guilt because there’s surveillance footage of his potato chip bag vibrating.”

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