Saturday, July 26, 2014


"It's rare that a car with connections to some of the most important figures in history is offered on the market," says managing director Nick Whale of Silverstone Auctions. He is talking about the state limousine used by former Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón and his wife, affectionately known by the public as Evita. The 1951 Cadillac (CURRENT AND hISTORICAL PHOTOS HERE) will be sold at auction in London in September and is expected to go for £200,000-£260,000 ($340,000-$407,000). The car has been on long-term loan to the Museo Evita in Buenos Aires, the staff of which are trying to determine which of the first lady's dresses a jewel fell from. The gem was discovered in the limousine (INTERIOR PHOTO ABOVE AND HERE) and will be included in the sale of the car.


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