Monday, July 14, 2014

Icky import

A post on the Wall Street Journal blog explains that the Chinese love to eat rabbit, particularly the residents of Sichuan province. Of the global production of 200 million pounds of the meat, 30% is consumed in China, with 70% of that – some 420,000 tons a year– going to Sichuan and the neighboring municipality of Chongqing. Nearly all the rabbits bred for their meat within the country itself are sent to Sichuan, but they are still not enough to satisfy the demand. At least one local supplier has begun to import rabbit from France. While the Chinese will eat it stewed or spiced, they prefer just the head and have raised the consumption of this delicacy to a fine art. Manager Yang Xiaomei of the Chengdu branch of the well-known Sichuan restaurant Shangliu Old Mother Rabbit Heads explains, “There are so many little bones. The more you suck, the tastier the rabbit heads are.” Click the link for how-to instructions…

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  1. As a magician, this leaves me scarred and scared.


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